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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Say Cheese! Dice Game

Work on palmar arch development, in-hand manipulation, manual dexterity, distal rotation, visual discrimination, visual memory, social participation, play and leisure exploration and participation
In the box: 25 cards, 8 custom dice
The cards in the Say Cheese game show pictures that were taken in a photo booth. Each card shows two different individuals and the top and bottom picture on each card are the same two individuals, just in different poses. Like you would get in a strip of pictures from a photo booth. Each die shows five faces that match the faces on the cards, and one star, a wildcard that can stand for any face. Each character on the cards has a different color hair and that will be the color of the head on the die. The goal of the game is to throw your two dice and be the first player to match those exact same two people. Turning a card face up in the middle of the table signals the action to begin. All players throw their set of 2 dice, over and over, to see who can be the first to match the faces on the card. If only one die comes up correctly, both must be re-thrown. This game plays fairly quickly because of the wild card.  Whoever throws a match first gets the card. After you go through the whole deck, count your cards and the one with the most is the winner. 
Try this:
  • Throw both dice. If you match one, leave it on the table and only throw the remaining die until you get the second match.
  • Practice cupping the hand and squeezing the fingers together before starting the game. If the individual has trouble cupping the hand, place a small ball in the hand to help form it. Remove the ball while keeping the hand in the same position. 
  • Cup both hands and place one on top of the other to shake the dice.
  • Keep the hands in a cupped shape just a little longer by counting to 10 before the dice can be thrown or listening a few second as the dice "dance".
  • Set 2 dice on the table, line up multiple different cards behind them, and ask the individual to choose the card that matches the dice.
  • Show the card, memorize what you will be looking for, turn the card over so the pattern can no longer be seen, play.
  • Lay a card in front of the individual and then place the 2 dice in the palm of his dominant hand. Ask him to bring each die, one at a time, to the fingertips and rotate it until it matches a character from card. Place it on the table. Try not to drop any.
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click on the image below to go to Amazon.com.

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