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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fish Farts Android App

Fish Farts App
Work on spatial relations, visual tracking, isolated finger, eye-hand coordination, visual discrimination
OK, so the name is not real classy.  Sometimes I blush a little when I refer this game to a parent.  But the kids LOVE it.  There are several options - tap the fish only (horizontal movement), tap the bubbles only (vertical movement), and tap both.  The individual has the opportunity to frequently change the direction he is scanning as fish swim both ways horizontally. There are three levels - easy, medium, hard, and also a kids mode that has fish and bubbles. So you have probably already guessed that when you tap a fish, it shoots forward and makes a satisfying sound that makes almost everyone laugh.  There are several fish options from large and slow to tiny and fast, and even one that puffs up when tapped.  The more you score, the longer the timer lets you play. Play once and then play again and try to beat your score.
UPDATE: Story on NPR week of 2-22-16 states that research has found some fish really do fart while ascending and descending through deep water! Go figure.
Try this:
  • Ask the individual to tap all brown fish, or all blue, etc.
  • Focus on directionality by asking the individual to tap fish swimming toward the right, then toward the left, then fish floating up, then down, etc.
 If you are interested in purchasing this app or just want more information, click on this link to go to the Google app store.

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