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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brain Box - The USA

Work on visual memory, auditory memory

In the box: 55 cards, one 10 second timer, 8-sided die
Ages 8+, 1+ players

A game that lets you work on visual memory while learning facts about the United States.  Similar to Stare, each card has a picture on the front and eight questions on the back. Stare at the picture for 10 seconds (???) with the intention of remembering as many details as you can, then turn the card over.  Throw the die, and answer the question that corresponds to the number thrown. I have never seen a 10 second timer before, and for me, that is not enough time.  I just use a 1 minute timer from another game. The 55 cards in the game illustrate information about the United States. Therefore, unlike Stare, you may actually learn some interesting information while playing. University Games has many different Brain Box themes, including dinosaurs, teddy bears, inventions, once upon a time, nature, senior moments, world history.

Try this:
  • Tell the person up front to look at the details on the card with the intent of remembering.
  • Tell the person to repeat details out loud as he looks at the picture.  He may remember more if he is an auditory learner, or if he brings more senses into play.
  • Ask all eight questions and see how many can be answered.
For more information, click on the image below.


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