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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Erasable Geoboard Flip-And-Draw Pattern Book

Work on visual discrimination, visual closure, near visual memory, spatial relations/position in space, fine motor precision, efficient pencil grasp, separation of the two sides of the hand, manual dexterity, using two hands in a coordinated manner, motor planning, executive functioning skills

A valuable tool for working on visual perceptual skills. This spiral-bound flip-and-draw pattern book contains 120 patterns, four to a page, that can be copied on a plastic sheet. Use dry erase markers to draw patterns over and over. 

The book is made of a heavier paper and include one clear, plastic sheet. Flip the book so that the plastic sheet is over a blank grid and next to the pattern you want to copy. The black grid page will have 4 blank grids (see image above). One grid has 25 dots (5 X 5). The other 3 grids are also each 5 X 5, but some of the dots are missing. This will make drawing the patterns more challenging. Add the dots before you begin or just draw to the area. 

The patterns you will copy are all drawn on grids that have 25 dots. There are 16 grids with 25 dots and no patterns, so that you can draw in your own patterns or copy the sheets and make up many different patterns. Patterns start simple (fewer lines, no overlapping) and increase in difficulty. 

I have found that Expo dry erase markers come off the laminated sheet a lot better than the Bic erasable markers, which smear and leave color behind even if you use the EXPO eraser fluid. I have a clear piece of plastic, such as used for overhead projectors, that I lay on the pattern that the individual is copying from. The pattern book is paper, and eventually someone will start to draw on the paper sheet instead of the laminated sheet. This protects it. 

Also check out this similar Geoboard Picture Book.

If you are interested in purchasing this book or checking it out further, go to https://mcruffy.com/products/geo-patt

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