Children learn through play. As an occupational therapist who works with children and youth, I use games and toys almost every day to help develop important cognitive, visual perceptual, motor, sensory, social, play and leisure skills. While many different types of activities can be used in therapy, this blog focuses on off-the-shelf games and toys that are accessible to most. Whether you are a therapist, parent, teacher, or a game lover like me, I hope you discover something useful while you are here. Learn a different way to play a game you already own or discover a new game for your next family game night. Either way, just go play. It's good for you!

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Find It!

Work on figure ground, visual discrimination, visual closure, visual form constancy, eye-hand coordination, focus, attention, motor planning, manual dexterity, coordinated use of both hands, shoulder stability, social interaction skills, play and leisure exploration and participation
What you get: 1 tube with small plastic colored pellets and approximately 30-40 small items, search-and-find cards
Spin it, twist it, and shake it to search for hidden objects. Each plastic tube is filled with small plastic pellets and small items that match the theme of the tube. You can see some of the small items that are inside the tube in the image above, however, you cannot take these items out of the tubes as the tubes are sealed at both ends. Each tube has a list of the searchable items printed in list form on the top of the tube. I like to copy or make a list of the items on paper and let individuals cross off each one as they find it. Some of the Find It! games also include search cards. Here are a few of the search cards from the Elf on the Shelf version:
  • Find an item that makes noise
  • Find a shiny item
  • Find two round items at the same time
  • Find a plastic item
  • Find a pointy item
  • Find a square item
  • Find three Christmas items at the same time
You have two options: 1) Find an item and then name it, and 2) Name an item and then find it.  Find It! comes in many versions now including At the Beach, Discover America, Dinosaurs, Wildlife, Eww Gross, Great Outdoors, Things that Go, and Glitz and Glamour. There is also a Sports Battle version that has two tubes and you can compete with someone else. Find It! also have a line of tube to take with you, called On the Go, that have shorter, wider tubes.

Try this:
  • Stand while using the tube if you want the individual to shake without stabilizing the arms on the table. Or allow the individual to sit with elbows on the table for stability.
  • Take the stickers off the front of the tube so that you can see all the way around the tube.
  • Try different methods of shaking - up and down, forward and back, side to side, fast and slow - to involve a variety of ranges of motion.
  • Shake the tube for a few seconds and then slowly turn it and see what is revealed.
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click an image below.

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