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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pop Up Pirate

In the box: Plastic barrel, base, pirate, 6 swords each in 4 colors (24 total)
Ages 4+ 2-4 players

Work on visual discrimination, figure ground, eye-hand coordination, manual dexterity, separation of two sides of the hand, coordinated use of both hands, social interaction skills, process skills, play and leisure participation

Push the swords into the openings in the barrel, but avoid the one slot that will make the pirate pop up! All pieces are plastic. The barrel, base, and pirate are a hard plastic and the swords are a little more flexible, but not meant to bend. The sword colors are red, blue, green, yellow. To set the game up, place the pirate in the hole at the top of the barrel and push down on it. The slot that will activate the pop-up is randomly set each time the pirate is pushed down, so you never know which slot it will be. Scatter the colored swords nearby. Taking turns, the players will choose one sword and insert it into an opening in the barrel. When a sword is inserted into the hole that triggers the pirate to fly out, he shoots up and out of the barrel. When the pirate flies out it is a little noisy as there is a loud clunk. The swords take a little extra push at the end to make them click, so it takes 2 hands, one to hold the barrel and one to push in the swords. It is not necessary to use the base and I usually leave it in the box. Since playing this game requires two hands, I use it with kids who don't use a stabilizing hand without cueing.

Try this:
  • Mix the swords in a pile on the table and call out the color of each sword to use on each turn.
  • Try to catch the pirate when he pops out.
  • Put the swords in yourself to show the individual what to expect when the pirate is activated.
  • Sort the swords by color into piles. The put the swords in by color, such as all blue, then all red, etc.
  • Give a sequence of colors for the player to inset, such as red, blue, green. Can they remember the sequence and insert them correctly?
  • Play several rounds. Each time a player activates the pirate to jump out, they are out of the game. Play until there is only one player left, the winner.
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