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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My First Sticky Mosaic

A mosaic of shape stickers.

Work on precise fine motor control, in-hand manipulation, spatial orientation, visual discrimination, figure ground, eye-hand coordination, crossing midline, bilateral integration

In the box: 5 sticker projects and enough stickers to cover them all
Ages 3+

If you are going to work with The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics line, and you want to introduce it with something simpler, this may be the product you are looking for. You might also prefer this model if you are working on shapes or just want a faster craft. Stickers are foam and shaped like squares, triangles, and circles. The sticker color is printed on the picture, so there is no need for a color key. The pictures are all whimsical animals. Comes in a variety of themes including princesses, fairies and vehicles.

Try this:
  • Place the stickers by shape. Ask the person to place all triangles, then all squares, then finish with all circles.
  • Place the stickers by color. Place all purple, then all red, then all blue, etc.
If you are interested in purchasing this item or just want more information, click on the image below.

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