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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Lacing Cards

Work on spatial relations, eye-hand coordination, manual dexterity, pincer grasp, finger strength, in-hand manipulation, fine motor precision, palmar arch support/strength, separation of two side of hand, intrinsic muscle development, using both hands in a coordinated manner, motor planning, attention, play exploration and participation

In the bag: 12 lacing cards, 12 laces
Ages 3+

A great way to work on hand skills, you can easily work these cards into your fall-themed activities. These cardboard cards are fairly large, 7-8 inches wide at the largest place, and come with tipped yarn laces. The illustrations are whimsical and bright, and they are printed front and back with the exact same images. The holes all run right along the edge for easy stitching. I bought them from Oriental Trading online. Here is the link.

Try this:
  • Allow the individual to figure out what he did wrong if he makes a mistake. Give hints and help in a way that will lead the individual to discover and correct the error himself, if possible.
  • Ask the individual to feel for the hole on the back and lace without flipping the card over each time to see it. 
  • Try a whip stitch, the cord will enter each hole from the same side.
  • Stitch a card while the individual stitches his card, giving him a model to watch.
 If you are interested in purchasing this or just want more information, click on the Oriental Trading banner, top right of this page.

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