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Sunday, January 17, 2016

P.U. Guessing Game of Smells

Work on following directions, manual dexterity, coordinated use of both hands, motor planning, olfactory sensory awareness and identification, taking turns, good sportsmanship, spatial relations, figure ground, visual scanning, play and leisure exploration and participation   
In the box: Game board, die, 7 game pieces with bases, 45 cards (30 scratch and sniff)
Now I have seen everything! A guessing game of smells that is not for the squeamish. I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to scratch and sniff an unknown scent that was from the "bad" or "mystery" category. OK, maybe a lot reluctant. But you can't let the kids see your fear. LOL. Anyway, not all cards are scratch and sniff. So, if you are working on the senses, specifically identifying smells, you might like this game. And it has just enough of the "gross" factor to be appealing to kids. The game board shows Odorville, a town filled with smells. Stinky Smells, the town skunk, is trying to ruin the town fair with his Smellorator machine. The goal is to be the first person across the finish line to shut down the Smellorator. The game includes 45 cards that are folded in half and are divided into three different categories: good, bad, and mystery. Here is a sampling from each category:
  • Good
    • Scratch and sniff to guess the smell (peppermint)
    • Scratch and sniff to guess the smell (roses)
    • Find a good smelling fruit and vegetable on the board
    • Name one thing that smells good not on the board
  • Bad
    • Scratch and sniff to guess the smell (burnt rubber)
    • Scratch and sniff to guess the smell (dirty sweat socks)
    • Find the worst smell on the board
    • Find two things that smell bad that begin with the letter S
  • Mystery
    • Scratch and sniff to guess the smell (lemon)
    • Scratch and sniff to guess the smell (chocolate)
    • Find one thing that has no smell on the board
    • Find your favorite food smell on the board
To win the game, be the first player to make your way across the path through Odorville and cross the finish line. To set up the game, place the board in the middle of the players, divide the cards by category, and each player choose and place a game piece in the starting area. To play, throw the die and move your game piece along the board pathway. The board is large, folded in half and by thirds. Not all squares on the board have instructions, but if you land on one that does, follow the instructions. Squares may include:
  • Smell spots - Choose a card from the category that is specified - good, bad, or mystery. Open the card to read your instructions. If there is a scratch and sniff spot on the card, sniff and guess. The answer is on the back of the card. If you were right, roll again and move forward on the board. If you were wrong, stay put, your turn is over.
  • Special squares - These instructions may either be a bonus or a penalty. Examples include stopping to find your way through a maze, getting sprayed by a skunk and losing a turn, or taking a shortcut.
First one across the finish line shuts down the Smellorator and saves the day!
Try this:
  • Review the board before, or even without, playing. There is A LOT to see as the path weaves around town, including the Candle Craft shop, the Stink Bomb Fireworks stand, and The Chicken Coop. Discuss smells you would expect to encounter.
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click on the image below.

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