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Friday, March 4, 2016

Robot Face Race

Work on visual discrimination, visual scanning, visual memory, working memory, figure ground, attention, manual dexterity, processing speed, social interaction, play and leisure exploration and participation 
In the box: Game board, Robot Randomizer, 20 game tokens 
AGes4+, 2-4 players
Shake the Robot Randomizer, then scan the board to find the robot head with the matching features - eyes, nose, mouth and head shape. The first to find it earns a scoring token. The first person to collect five tokens, wins the game. This game will require concentration and the ability to retain at least some of the four features in working memory as you scan up to 110 robot heads on the game board. I thought the kids would love this game but they didn't. I think the problem was retaining that much information while scanning that many heads. My suggestion was to choose one feature and scan systematically for it. Each time you find it, stop and check the other features. For an easier game, start by choosing only one or two attributes to search by and work your way up to four. There are five different colors and four attributes. Shake the Robot Randomizer to mix up the marbles. Two marbles will drop into the nose section and only the top one will show (for a total of four).
Box contents.                          Robot Randomizer                     Close up of board.
Try this:
  • Make an easier game by searching for only one or two features and only opening the board half way to scan fewer faces.
  • Use the tokens if you are playing an abbreviated game (i.e. one attribute, half the board). Place a token on each face you find a match on so you won't repeat looking at the same faces, and know when you are done.
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click on the image below.  

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