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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quick Cups

Work on visual discrimination, spatial relations, visual closure, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, manual dexterity, bilateral coordination, social interaction skills, executive processing skills, speed, process skills, play and leisure exploration and participation

In the box: 24 pattern cards, 30 cups, 1 bell

Be the first to grab the colored cups and stack them in the correct order, depicted on the pattern card, to win the round. Win the most rounds to win the game. There are five colored cups (yellow, green, red, blue, black) for each player and five colored objects on each card. The five color sequence is printed vertically on some cards and horizontally on others. If horizontal, line the cups up on the table. If vertical, stack the cups.
A horizontal card with meerkats and a vertical card with a bird.
My biggest problem with this game right off the bat is that the item on each card that should be printed in black is printed in brown.

If your kids are flexible, you can probably get away with this. As I am trying to teach sequencing with this game I can't say "brown" because the cup is black, and I can't say "black" because the pictures on the pattern cards are printed in brown. I found myself reluctantly saying brownish-black. Doesn't really cut it. 

Set up: Mix the cards and place them and the bell in the middle of the players. Give each player one set of five cups (yellow, red, green, black, blue)

Play: The first player turns over the top card and all players hustle to put their cups in the order that will match the pattern on the card. The first one done taps the bell. If his order is correct, he receives the card. If his line up is wrong, the card goes to the next player. Turn over one card at a time and play until all cards have been claimed. The person with the most cards wins the game.

Try this:
    • Skip the speed factor. Just present one card at a time and ask the individual to line up the cups.
    • Play alongside the individual, modeling the correct sequence.
    • Stack the cups on the table top and use just one hand to stack. Or, hold the stacked cups in one hand as you add more cups with the other hand.
    • Play with the horizontal cards and make a long line of cups, repeating the sequence several times, if only one person is playing and there are extra cups.
    • Start at the bottom to stack and cover the colors above where you are working if the individual has difficulty ignoring the other colors.
    • Use the word "stack" if the individual wants to start the vertical models from the top 
    • Use both hands by alternating the hands as you add the cups. Add the first cup with the right hand, second cup with the left, third cup with the right, etc.
    • Skip the cards and stack five cups. Use it as a 3D model and ask the individual to make one just like it. Use up to half of the cups (15) to build your model.
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