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Sunday, October 29, 2017


Remove the sticks without toppling the bundle.

Work on visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination, spatial relations, manual dexterity, pinch, web space development, bilateral coordination, shoulder stability, executive functioning, tactile perception, process skills, socialization skills, play and leisure exploration and participation 

In the box: 9 yellow sticks (1 point), 9 red sticks (2 points), 9 blue sticks (3 points), 1 wooden ring, 1 color die

This is a game that plays fast and I never thought it was really worth the money, but you are free to disagree. The word Zitternix is translated in the rule book as Keep it Steady. The object is simple - make the most points by pulling sticks out of the bundle without toppling the works.

Set up:
Hold all the sticks in a fist and lower the ring over the top. Turn the sticks so that they are going in different directions (like in the image above). Now you can stand the bundle on the table without it falling over. Set the die nearby.

In turn, each player will throw the die to determine a color. Pull a stick of that color from the ring. If there is not a stick of that color that you feel you can remove without toppling the game, and you have a stick of that color that you have removed previously, you are allowed to try to put that stick back into the ring. If there are no sticks left of the color you threw, you can remove any other stick. Once the bundle topples, and/or the ring hits the table, the game is over. The player who made the game topple is out of the game. All other players add the points they earned for their sticks and the one with the highest points is the winner.
Try this:
  • Scatter the sticks on a flat surface. With one hand, throw the die. With the other hand, pick up that color of stick. Keep throwing the die and picking up sticks, pushing them into your fist, until you cannot hold any more.
  • Pick up the sticks by color, one at a time, while putting the game away. Pick up each stick and squirrel it into the fist until you have all of that color. Drop them into the box, then pick up the next color, etc.
  • Allow the individual to change his mind if he starts to pull out a stick and it looks like the bundle will topple.
If you are interested in purchasing this item or just want more information, click on the image below.

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