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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

50 Figure Ground Puzzles

Visual figure ground is a visual perceptual skill that allows you to be able to isolate and focus on a single figure from a busy background. A person who has a deficit in this area may struggle with

* Finding and keeping place while reading
* Copying from the board (looking down and then looking up and finding the place again)
* Finding things on a map
* Finding an item in a messy desk

This activity consists of 50 figure ground puzzles, 25 color and 25 black and white, alphabetically categorized. Each puzzle consists of one 4 item puzzle in color and one 5 item puzzle in black and white. The black and white puzzle has the same four items as the color picture, plus one. This extra item is in parenthesis (below). Use the color picture as a learning tool if the individual is not able to identify the five items in black and white. Concentrate on one colored item at a time, and ask the individual to trace the item with his eyes and identify it. The four items in color are not as overlapped as the five black and white items are and will be easier to visually separate. Once the individual can separate and identify the items by color, move to the black and white cards. There are 4 cards on one 8.5 X 11 page. Just cut them apart and laminate if you wish. This item can be found in my TPT store. Click here.

Here is the list of images for each letter. I broke it down into ABC order just to put them into a category. You would not need to focus on the letter if you don't want to.

A – apple, airplane, ant, arrow (alligator)
B – ball, boat, bee, bell (balloon)
C – chair, clock, chain, crab (candle)
D—Door, dinosaur, desk, drum (doll)
E-- elephant, envelope, egg, earth (easel)
F—fish, foot, fence, fire hydrant (flower)
G--glass, goat, glove, grapes (guitar)
H—hose, hippo, hand, heart (hammer)
I--ice cubes, igloo, ice cream, ice skates (iPad)
J--jar, jacket, jelly fish, jack-o-lantern (jacks)
K—kangaroo, key, knife, kite (king)
L—lock, ladder, lamp, leaf (lemon)
M--mitten, mop, mouse, moon (mirror)
N--net, nickel, nose, nail (nest)
O—otter, octopus, orange, ornament (oval)
P—pig, pear, purse, pencil (pie)
Q--question mark, quilt, quarter, queen (quail)
R--rabbit, rake, rug, ring (rainbow)
S—soccer ball, snowman, squirrel, snake (scissors)
T—turtle, toothbrush, tooth, truck (tree)
U—USA, unicorn, unicycle, umbrella (UFO)
V—Violin, nest, vacuum, vase (volcano)
W—web, walrus, watch, watermelon (wagon)
Y--yawn, yo-yo, x-ray, xylophone (yarn)
Z--zipper, zebra, zig-zag, zero

Images used to create this activity are used with permission by Scrappin Doodles. www.scrappindoodles.com

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