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Friday, August 7, 2015

Match-It! Time Bingo

Work on visual discrimination, figure ground, visual closure, manual dexterity, in-hand manipulation, telling time, social interaction, math, thinking skills, play exploration and participation

In the box: 4 double-sided game boards, 36 picture cards
Ages 3+, 2-4 players

This nine-square bingo game will acquaint kids with times and a variety of time pieces, including analog and digital. Each of the game boards has a front picture side, and a back side with only times listed on it.
FRONT                                                 BACK

Of the 36 picture cards, 24 of the cards show times on the hour, four of the cards show times on the quarter hour, and eight of the cards show times somewhere in between (i.e. 5:25). The same time is on the back of the card that is on the front of the card. The front has a picture of a timepiece, the back is solid white with the time in black lettering. Timepieces on the cards include alarm clocks, watches, wall clocks, timers, and clocks with pendulums. Half of them show digital times, half of them show analog times. Note of interest - I was matching up the picture cards with the game boards and as I did, I realized that I was looking at the pictures only, I never once looked at the time.

Five ways to play from the back of the box:
  1. Match the picture card to the picture on the game board.
  2. Match the time on the back of a picture card to a picture (with the same time) on the game board.
  3. Match the time only on the back of the picture card to the time on the back of the game board.
  4. Match the picture only cards to the time on the back of the game board.
  5. Play bingo.
Try this:
  • Offer only one way to win, horizontal only, then two, then three if watching for BINGOs and the times will be too much.
  • Use the picture cards as flash cards, show one  at a time and ask what time it displays.
  • Give the individual several cards and ask him to put them in order chronologically.
  • Lay several of the picture cards on the table and ask questions, such as what time do you get up, what time is school out, what time do you eat supper. Find the matching picture card.
  • Position some of the cards so that they are up-side-down or sideways on the table top and ask the player to match them to the times on the card. Once the individual picks up a card, ask him to turn it right-side-up in-hand.
If you are interested in purchasing this item or just want more information, click on the image below.

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