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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scoop's Surprises

Work on visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination, crossing midline, motor planning, visual memory, manual dexterity, social interaction, play exploration and participation, visual tracking, deductive reasoning

In the box: 4 wooden ice cream cones, 12 wooden stackable pieces (3 strawberry, 3 chocolate, 3 vanilla, 3 mint)
Ages 5+, 2+ players

Since it was 107 degrees today, it seemed like a good time to bring out the frosty treats.  Scoop's Surprise is an ice cream themed game that will challenge your memory and your reasoning skills. Be the first to build a stack of four different flavors and win the game. To start, stack the three pieces (scoops) of like colors into four columns as I have started to do below.

With the four stacks of flavors in plain view, cover each stack of three with a wooden ice cream cone. The goal is to remember where each color (flavor) is so that you can pick the flavor that is called and win a scoop of ice cream. Next, one player mixes two cones, twice, then calls a flavor. The next player lifts one ice cream cone to find that flavor. If he is right, he takes one of the scoops. If he is wrong, he covers the stack of scoops and mixes the cones for the next person. If you forget where the colors are or get confused, remember the last color or two shown, and try to deduce where the others are.  
Try this:
  • Start with two colors of ice cream, then move to three, and finally to four to increase the difficulty.
  • Keep playing until all the pieces are removed instead of stopping after four pieces. Person with the most scoops, wins.
  • Mix the cones once for an easier game, three times for a more difficult game.
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click on the image below.

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