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Sunday, November 15, 2015

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Game

Work on fine motor precision, manual dexterity, finger isolation, finger flicking, separation of sides of hand, coordinated use of both hands, tactile awareness, body awareness, visual discrimination, visual memory, eye-hand coordination, spatial relations, social interaction, play and leisure exploration and participation

In the box: Game board, 20 3D presents, 4 playing pieces, spinner

The Grinch hates Christmas and has stolen all of the presents from Who-ville to stop Christmas from coming. Can you get the gifts back and help save Christmas for the Whos? Yes, you read that right - twenty 3D presents. This game is already unique. The small boxes come flat and you will need to fold each one into a square present before setting up the game. Let the kids help, it's a good fine motor precision task. Each present has a gift printed on the bottom.

You will also need to punch out the spinner and the game playing pieces the first time you play. Place the game board on a flat surface. Place all the gifts on the sleigh, gift side down, bow side up. There are three types of spaces on the board - letter spaces, Grinch spaces, and Cindy-Lou Who spaces. 

Back of box showing board and playing pieces.

The instructions offer two different ways to play:

Version 1
The object is to recover 10 presents from the Grinch to help save Christmas. To win the game, have the most presents when someone reaches FINISH. To begin, all players place their playing pieces on the square marked START. To start each turn, the player spins the spinner and advances his playing piece the number of spaces indicated by the arrow. Follow the instructions on the space you land on:
  • Letter spaces - Pick up a present from the board and look at the bottom. If the letter on your space appears in the name of the toy, you keep the toy. If it does not, put it back.
  • Grinch spaces - Return one of your toys to the board.
  • Cindy Lou Who spaces - Take any present from the board and keep it.
When a player reaches FINISH, the game is over. All players count their presents and the one with the most wins. If all players together have collected a total of 10 gifts, they have stopped the Grinch and saved Christmas.

Version 2
The object is to recover three presents from the Grinch to help save Christmas. To win the game, be the first to give all your gifts back to the Whos. The game follows the directions as above until someone has collected a total of three games. At that point he turns them toy side up and proceeds with new space rules to return them to the Whos.
  • Letter spaces - If you have a toy that is spelled with the letter you land on, return that toy to the Whos (put in the game box).
  • Grinch spaces - Take any present from the board.
  • Cindy Lou Who spaces - Return any present to the Whos (put in the game box).
Once a player has returned a total of three gifts to the Whos, the game is over and Christmas has been saved.

Try this:
  • Hold the spinner in the non-dominant hand while flicking with the dominant hand.
  • Push the spinner with the index finger if flicking is not possible.
  • Cue the individual to remember where presents are that are returned to the board in case they land on a letter space.
  • Add small treats to the boxes, such as a Hershey's kiss candy or a small holiday eraser, to be opened at the end of each game.
  • Sit side-by-side with the individual and model folding the box as you prepare the game so that he can follow your movements.
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click on the image below.

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