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Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's a Charlie Brown Christmas Android App

A charming Christmas story from my youth that still offers hope today. It's A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of several interactive apps from Loud Crow based on the Peanuts gang. This app features original images and voices from the TV special that aired 50 years ago. Plenty of interactive features makes this app a kid pleaser. Start by decorating your own Christmas tree for the story, then change the shape of falling snowflakes by tapping them, help Snoopy decorate his house for the contest, play a piano tune with Schroeder, make the stars twinkle by tapping them, and help Linus knock the cans off the wall. Follow along with the written story (at the bottom of the app) as it is read by the now-adult Linus (Christopher Shea).

Some of the scenes from the story:


My favorite parts are Linus stepping onto the stage and quoting several Bible verses from the Christmas story and the gang singing Hark the Herald Angles Sing at the end. A Christmas favorite for me.
If you are interested in purchasing this app or just want more information, click on the image below. I see that there is a free version right now.

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