Children learn through play. As an occupational therapist who works with children and youth, I use games and toys almost every day to help develop important cognitive, visual perceptual, motor, sensory, social, play and leisure skills. While many different types of activities can be used in therapy, this blog focuses on off-the-shelf games and toys that are accessible to most. Whether you are a therapist, parent, teacher, or a game lover like me, I hope you discover something useful while you are here. Learn a different way to play a game you already own or discover a new game for your next family game night. Either way, just go play. It's good for you!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On the Dot

Work on manual dexterity, in-hand manipulation, coordinated use of both hands, visual discrimination, visual closure, eye-hand coordination, spatial relations, figure ground, social skills, play and leisure exploration and participation
In the box: 64 pattern cards, 16 transparent cards
Ages 10+. 1-4 players
Flipping and rotating, stack four transparent plastic cards to perfectly match the dots on the pattern card. Great for spatial reasoning. There are 16 transparent cards so that up to four players can each have four cards. Each set of four has a different color border so you can easily separate the sets. For example, the set of transparent cards above have a yellow border. Only three are pictured, the fourth one is in the box. The 64 pattern cards increase in difficulty, but they are not numbered or identified in any order. Some have as few as four dots, some have as many as sixteen. Some patterns are symmetrical, some patterns are just random dots. All four transparent cards must be stacked on each pattern. To play, place the stack of pattern cards face-down on the table. Give each player a set of four transparent cards. Turn over the top pattern card. All players race to see who can be the first to stack their transparent cards into the same pattern as on the pattern card. The first player to do so yells "On the Dot" and all play stops until the solution is checked against the pattern card. If the player is correct, he takes the pattern card and a new pattern card is revealed. If he is incorrect, he is out of the round while the rest of the players continue until a winner is announced. First player to win five patterns cards, wins the game. It comes in a new paper box now.

Try this:
  • Practice turning the cards to cover the dots by holding the pattern card in your hand and covering dots with one transparent card at a time. Don't worry about matching color, just work on how to turn and flip the cards to cover the dots.
  • Start by playing alone and placing the pattern card at the bottom of your transparent stack while playing.
  • Use consistent positional language, such as flip, rotate, turn to left, turn right, etc.
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click on the image below.

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