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Friday, May 13, 2016

Bare Books - DIY Game Boards

UPDATE: I initially blogged about this before I had received my order. I have been able to add more information since receiving my order. I was very pleased with the quality and reasonable prices of everything I purchased.

Bare Books is a company out of Milwaukee, WI that for years has sold  inexpensive bare books, games, puzzles and calendars. By bare I mean blank. Have you ever searched for a game specific to your needs that you just couldn't find? Now you can make it yourself. They make five different game boards. The two above are 18" x 18" quadfold, and each sell for $3.75. The board itself is thick, just what you would find in a typical off-the-shelf game. The top is glossy and you can use permanent marker, stickers, or cut and paste/tape things onto the board. The money reminds me of Monopoly money. There are five different colors and denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. You can buy money either with numbers printed on it or blank and customize it for your needs. The pawns are plastic and the pawns, dice, and 2-minute timer are all typical game pieces. The blank cards are thicker than the Chance cards you would find in a Monopoly game and you can customize them with whatever you want. The spinner is totally blank. I ordered the framed game board kit and here is what came in the box:

The folded game board is on the bottom of the box (black) and it is a quadfold, so you are looking at one fourth the size of the board (9" x 9"). Prices are very reasonable and you can buy things by the piece or save a little money and buy it in a kit, as I did. I feel the pieces are all typical game quality and a good value for the money. Here is information from their 2015 catalog. Shipping is $10 for an order of $1 - $100 and 10% for orders over $100.

The first thing that jumps to my mind are the In a Jar products (Cyber Dilemmas, Bully-Free Zone, Kid's Daily Dilemmas, Teen Talk). Instead of just reading from slips of paper in a jar, you caould make a game out of it.You will find the Bare Books company at www.BareBooks.com. 

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