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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fanta Color Daisy

Not your typical peg board.

Work on finger and manual dexterity, visual discrimination, visual closure, eye-hand coordination, visual memory, spatial relations, in-hand manipulation
In the box: 240 10mm pegs, white pegboard, peg caddy, pattern book
Ages 4+ 
Not your typical pegboard.  Instead of the typical pegboard pattern that I am used to, straight lines of holes that all line up horizontally and vertically, this pegboard alternates rows with double spaces between holes. Does that make sense? It allows pegs to follow a curved line for more intricate pictures, but it also makes it more difficult to follow the pattern.  I have given this to kids who love pegboards and they couldn't even figure out where to start. Once given a few starting pegs to build on, they still couldn't follow the pattern. The pattern book appears to have many designs until you realize that it is depicting a number of different size pegs. This set comes with one size peg, so the majority of the patterns don't apply. There are six designs total for this set. The company must use the same book with all their sets. The pegboard is a flexible white plastic and is held to the tray with 2 clips. The pegboard is removable and the pegs can all fit under it for storage. Clip the white pegboard back on, and it doubles as a lid. The pegs are nicely sorted on the picture on the box, but there is nothing to keep them in those sections. One tip of the box and you will be sorting again. My first instinct on the pegs was that I didn't like them. They are slick/slippery and easy to drop. The head is just a little small and coupled with the slick plastic, are just a tad difficult to get a good grip on. Will see how it goes.
Try this:
  • Use it for a sorting activity as it comes with its own sorting tray.
  • Use it as an in-hand activity, translating pegs from the palm to the fingertips. If it proved to be to difficult or frustrating, I would move on.
  • Have fun just making up your own designs.
If you are interested in purchasing this item or just want more information, click on the image below.

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