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Friday, August 7, 2015

Oddly Obvious!

Work on figure ground, spatial relations, thinking skills, social interaction, manual dexterity
In the box: 147 game cards, 5 correct answer tokens, 1 card stand
Ages 12+, 2+ players
This game will require you to think outside the box, as the answers to the clues are not what one would expect. The game cards consist of 10 words on the front of each card and 10 corresponding clues on the back.
I thought that the cards were going to look more like the box lid, with lots of different words oriented in different directions, no spaces, and lots of different fonts. In fact, all the cards have only 10 words on them and look similar to the card above. Because there are just as many answers as there are clues, this game may get boring fast, as the more clues you answer, the more answers you eliminate, and the fewer you need to choose from on following clues. The clues on the back are divided into two columns so that you can give five clues in one sitting and then come back later and give the other five. Depending on how good your memory is, you may not have this problem. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't pay much for this game or I would have been quite disappointed. For the record, the 10 clues, with answers, on the back of this card are:
  1. Exposed in the end - streaker
  2. Twilight critter - Vampire
  3. Not a good time for taking a nap - driving
  4. Nature's little speed bumps - squirrels
  5. Lives near a cabbage patch - stork
  6. A beautiful female boxer - knockout
  7. A broken pencil - paintless
  8. Moves sardine up and down - elevator
  9. Runs a filling station - Dentist
  10. Petal pushers - florists
If you are interested in purchasing this game or just want more information, click on the image below.

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