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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I SPY Super Challenger

Work on figure ground, manual dexterity, visual discrimination, play exploration and participation, visual form constancy
In the box: 60 memory cards, 15 riddle cards
Ages 4+, 1+ players

There is a lot more to this game than meets the eye. There are directions for four different games in this I SPY Super Challenger version: 1) I SPY Memory Game, 2) I SPY Fun with Riddles Game, 3) I SPY Riddle Memory Game, and 4) I SPY Associations Game. All games are for one through six players. Below is a brief overview for the four games:

  1. I SPY Memory Game - Lay the 60 memory cards (30 sets) face down in rows on the table. Each person turns two cards face up on his turn. If they are a match, he takes the cards and keeps going. If they are not, he turns the cards back over and the next person plays. When all cards are matched, the person with the most, wins.
  2. I SPY Fun with Riddles Game - Lay the 60 cards all face UP in rows on the table. Choose one riddle card, which will list four items to find. Here is an example: A boy on a trike, A spotted red pot, Three pink fish, A nice hook shot. Work together to spot the four items in the riddle. No one takes the card, everyone wins!
  3. I SPY Riddle Memory Game - Deal two riddle cards to each player and lay the 60 memory cards face down on the table. In turn, each player will turn over four memory cards. If any of them match his riddle cards, he takes them and turns over other cards to replace them. He keeps looking until there are no more cards to take. The remaining cards are turned face down and the next person plays. After you fill a riddle card, take another one. Work this way until all riddle cards have been taken and the objects found. The person with the most riddle cards wins.
  4. I SPY Associations Game - Place all the memory cards in one face down stack. Take two cards off the pile and place them face up on the table. Each player should try to make at least one association between the two cards, such as both have sea creatures, both contain red, both have a letter, etc. Set those cards aside and draw two more cards and play again until all cards have been played.

The memory cards depict things in matching sets that are not exact duplicates, like the two mermaids below.

A set of mermaids from I SPY.

 Or the matching card might be a silhouette, like the crab below.

A set of crabs.

 If you are interested in purchasing this item or just want more information, click on the image below.

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